VEHUEL Angel (Uranus)

Vehuel Angel Nov23,Nov24,Nov25,Nov26,Nov27

(Archangel HANIEL)

Persons born between
23 and November 27

VEHUEL Angel is the Angel Choir of URANUS, Principalities of Venus, he is the Angel the most sublime, the most exalted; one that meets the delights of Heaven with the enjoyment of the Earth. He’s the angel of enthusiasm. He promotes sensuality exaltation, the development of virtues. He’s a beautiful angel, whose protection is providential. He meets the joys of heaven and the earth. Sensual, generous, protective and with good humor, his godson spreads happiness and pleasure around him. While he succeeds, he’s much loved.


VEHUEL Angel: Lord, do consider my aspirations, to what is high and noble, to what is worthy of your Holy Name. Allows me, VEHUEL Angel, to raise your Heights, all creatures approaching me, let me make them feel in my breath, perfume angelica of your Transcendence. Direct my steps towards (high) the Mountains, never towards (low) the Valleys; worms of the inaccessible tops, beyond the clouds, towards pure ether of the vault of heaven. Make shine in me your virtues, your gifts and your capacities! Not to decorate my vanity, but to testify, Lord, of your resplendent presence.