SEHEIAH Angel (March)

Seheiah Angel Aug7,Aug8,Aug9,Aug10,Aug11,Aug12

(Archangel HESEDIEL)

People born
between 7 and August 12

SEHEIAH Angel is the regent of some energies of March. He’s the angel of protection. He protects against the dangers and accidents … He preserves also falls, fires and diseases. He draws his wisdom from experience. You can also invoke this angel defensively. He helps his godson to get out of dangerous or very delicate situations. He’s an angel who providential away mainly disasters.


SEHEIAH Angel: Help me, Lord to become aware of my mistakes, so that pain, brings wisdom, is already longer necessary. A heavy karma revolves on me and I want your help to identify myself performing the duties and obligations concerning my family, the Company. Because already the fact of having you for Guard, wants to say that I am credit certain privileges, gained by making the Good. Conduct me, SEHEIAH Angel, so that I manage with caution, property that I receive from you. Light my soul so I understand their plight; and then, already own slag from the past, make me one of your associates in the work of the Divine World.

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