HAIAIEL Angel (Mercury)

Haiaiel Angel Mar11,Mar12,Mar13,Mar14,Mar15

Chorus of Angels-Angels (Archangel Gabriel)

People born
between 11 and March 15.

Haiaiel Angel represents the energies of Mercury in the lunar

Choir of Angels, governed by the Archangel Gabriel.
He’s the angel of discernment. He promotes clarity, the judgment between good and evil, reveals errors. His godson is free of perversity or negative passion. He work for the Good, with intelligence and courage, he worked to overcome oppression and easements. He can make a military career or exert a trade emphasizing its memory.


HAIAIËL: Make that my emotive nature is integrated harmoniously in my Mental Body. Don’t let root  to me, (in any corner of my being) nothing that belongs to my past. Let my heart to understand the reasons of my head, so that I can be free and protected from violence. With donations and powers that you grant to me, help me, Angel HAIAIËL, to express the double truth, needs and the understanding, in a balanced way useful for the others and myself. I am a perfect intermediary between the Lord of Heaven to Guard me (HAIAIËL) and the Humans of the Earth (my family, my friends). By balance and the clearness which you must grant to me, I will overcome.