YEIAYEL Angel (Venus)

Yeiayel Angel Jul7,Jul8,Jul9,Jul10,Jul11

From Choir THRONES
(Archangel BINAËL)

People born
between 7 and July 11

YEIAYEL Angel is the regent Venus’s energy of BINAEL-SATURNE. He’s the angel of goodness. He gives the idea of Good and Evil. He’s, undoubtedly, the Angel more humane among ANGELS-THRONES. He fosters a sense of proportion; art and goodness; fortune and fame, success in business and travel. His godson is mild and benevolent. He has artistic gifts and act entirely in agreement with the cosmic law.


YEIAYEL Angel: You make me feel awareness of the unity of your kingdom, and you offers me vision of what will be my life, when the votes of instincts have found the peaceful silence. Allow me, YEIAYEL Angel to express in my behavior, this knowledge. Let your project for me to become, in my blood and muscle, so that my facts and gestures speak louder than my words. And in this journey towards a bright future, protects me from the danger of sinking, the danger that threatens us when we are detached from the laws of the Eternal to worship our personality passenger and deadly. Make, YEIAYEL Angel that my eyes are able to be discovered in my own image.