MELAHEL Angel (Mercury)

Melahel angel Jul12,Jul13,Jul14,Jul15,Jul16

From Choir THRONES
(Archangel BINAËL)

People born between 12 and July 16

MELAHEL Angel is an Angel Throne, which regulates Goalkeeper energies of Saturn and Mercury. MELAHEL Angelentered the law in the intellect that is to say that the individual can understand. He’s the angel of understanding and reason. He promotes knowledge of the causes and effects, initiation, control of natural forces. He has a protected intuitive knowledge of the causes of events and great psychological penetration. He knows how things spiritual and material.


MELAHEL Angel: Allows me, Lord, contemplate eternity in what is concrete and material. Allows me to see clearly in material wealth in gold in money, light condensed, which allows the Human good act. Allows me to understand that everything is visible, tangible, is the most concrete expression of the work of the Divine Creation. MELAHEL Angel, I want to participate in this cosmic story that you are in the process of writing. Inspire my mind, Lord, for everything, I can rebuild according to the natural order (which is Divine) and development, and the other, the image of the divine harmony, the image of perfect rhythm in their bodies (health). Give me the power to become the one who, by you, can explain the significance of the facts, things, situations, and therefore, be the bearer of success.