ANIEL Angel (Sun)

Aniel Angel Sep24,Sep25,Sep26,Sep27,Sep28

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAËL)

Persons born between
24 and September 28

Aniel Angel is THE ANGEL-SUN, Choir Martian Powers. The Will of his godson, represented by the Sun, will be fortified by him. He is the angel of the will. He promotes awareness, the balance of nature. He cancels errors, promotes virtue and also breaks the routine. His godson has a will of iron and demonstrated honesty in any event.


ANIËL: Through my ideas, Lord, I want to express your universe. I know there are mysteries that I could not understand summits high that I can’t reach. But I guess that beyond my World, there is a wider World, where a day we can all penetrate. I ask you, Angel ANIËL, me to make it foresee, for I become the announcer of all your wonders, to all those who are at levels lower than mine. I can reach a point where I can see that everything is one , and, already, ever, I stay in your unit, which must lead me to peace, the moral and material wealth, and with the positive action in Divine work.