MIKAEL Angel (Saturn)

Mikael Angel Oct19,Oct20,Oct21,Oct22,Oct23

From Choir Solar VERTUS
(Archangel RAPHAËL)

People born between
19 and October 23

MIKAEL Angel represents the energy of Saturn in the solar Choir of Virtues. With this Guard, man can understand the rules of the World, and thus be part of the cosmic order. He’s the angel of laws. He promotes success by obeying the laws. His godson is worker and docile. He knows to run the hierarchy and pass through it. He can play a legislative role. He invokes against abuse of power.


MIKAEL Angel, give me the privilege to introduce on this Earth that order is in force in Heaven. Grant that my intelligence to understand the divine plan for my life, and guide me into the circumstances which allow me to externalize my desire to Goodness and Prosperity. That your Light illuminates me, and your Force helps me, so I can disseminate what is consistent with the Golden Rule which is to lead the World to the New Golden Age of Peace and Bliss. Make me a person hungry cosmic secrets, know spiritual. MIKAEL Angel you’re my only Master, and I don’t want to succeed with your power, obedient and faithful to the Laws of God of Love and morality.