YEHUIAH Angel (Uranus)

Yehuiah Angel Sep3,Sep4,Sep5,Sep6,Sep7

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAEL)

People born
between 3 and September 7

YEHUIAH Angel represent energy of URANUS Choir of Martian ANGELS-POWERS. He’s the angel of force and work. YEHUIAH Angel promotes strength, both physical and moral. This Guardian Angel protects the heads and leaders honest. He watches on their work. His godson is generally a strapping man and a worker. His mind is marked by nobility.


YEHUIAH Angel: Lord, I have come a long way to side but if people seriously now, you Will wants me to publicize the perversity of your creation, standby since the height, that I may learn the lesson that I must not exceed the bounds of evil powers, which you kindly for me. I want that my foray into the darkness is only one episode, an intermission in the grand Opera of my life. As Lesson (whether you wanted to assign me) will be learned, I want to return to the Light, to become a key piece of your resplendent universe.

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