IEIAZEL Angel (Moon)

Ieiazel Angel Oct9,Oct10,Oct11,Oct12,Oct13

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAËL)

People born between
9 and October 13

Ieiazel Angel is the lunar Angel of his Choir. He enters the Martian energy of his Archangel, inside the lunar energy, to release prisoners there. He’s the angel of liberation. He promotes the release of any tyranny, oppression. He saves the persecuted and restores justice. His godson is a liberator and justice-loving gifted with a strong sense of humor. He has a varied and interesting life, and usually works in the field of image and sound (film, publishing, newspapers, radio …)


IEIAZEL Angel: Wake me, Lord, the dream logic of reason, to my understanding can be fertilized by aspirations. Let me offer this company around me, a balanced view of your kingdom. Allows me IEIAZEL Angel to free me up my internal and external enemies; to clear me of anything that holds me prisoner in lower levels, so that, through my soul, can move, sink, and spread, Your Message: gifts and powers that you want me and that everyone has full confidence in me and that I arrive, therefore, by Your grace, the high life spiritually, morally clear and peaceful, materially rich and prosperous.