SITAEL Angel (Jupiter)

Sitael Angel Mar31,Apr1,Apr2,Apr3,Apr4

From Choir SÉRAPHINS (Archangel METATRON)

People born between
March 31 and April 4

SITAEL Angel, the third of the Seraphim Choir represents and governs the power of expansion, the gift of all to grow. He promotes progress, success in legal matters in dealings with the powerful. His godson has ample means to realize his projects. He combines idealism and practicality. He usually holds his promises. For Prayer in this Guardian Angel, our Karma can be totally eliminated.


SITAEL Angel: Allow me, Lord, to recognize those who once were my brothers, my friends, my partners, my opponents … those I loved, those I hated to create together a new hope. Place me SITAEL Angel, the heart of the conflict in the eye of the cyclone, so your love, which flows through my imagination is the lucky solvent which dispels the winds storms, hurricanes and clashes. SITAEL Angel, make me a faithful man: fidelity towards those of in high, fidelity towards those of in Bottom. Grant that I am the man of balance in positions that clash. Don’t let me fall into the temptation to be near each side or another. In any place and at any moment, make me, Lord, be a bearer of hope.