MUMIAH Angel (Moon)

Mumiah Angel Mar16,Mar17,Mar18,Mar19,Mar20

From the chorus of Angels-Angels
(Archangel Gabriel)

Persons born
between 16 and March 20

MUMIAH Angel is the regent of the lunar energies, for excellence, he’s the first assistant of the Archangel Gabriel
He’s the Angel of self-expression, promotes the expression and accomplishment. He can finish everything we began, whether projects or experiments. Nothing is discreet or deleted with this Angel, who acts with great force. The matter is not being erased; he spoke with passion, without a mask, to overcome his values. He’s likely to become famous: he knows transmit and implement the ideas.


MUMIAH Angel: sublime of rebirths, reincarnations, and changes. Make that, in my nature, to burst the divine dream of gold; doing that hunger Light of Knowledge, Purity, can condense in my psychic nature (my soul) to become the Mother fruitful a truth Highest that my being. Make reappear in me all the principles which carried the World to his plenitude, so that your godson and humble servitor can be, for the others, the carrier of your revival; carrier of health and long and happy Life; messenger of your mysterious gifts and capacities, which make us victorious beings, peaceful and full with Love.