POYEL Angel (Moon)

Poyel Angel Dec27,Dec28,Dec29,Dec30,Dec31

(Archangel HANIEL)

Persons born between
27 and December 31

POYEL Angel is the angel of beauty. He promotes seduction, love, prosperity. He’s also a gift angel, one that provides benefits to those he keeps. His godson receives a lot of Heaven. In return, he spreads the abundance and blessings around him. Very attractive, hi’s equipped for the love and communication.


POYEL Angel: Lord, I want to express my lips, only what is worthy and high. I want my verb should discover who is listening, the depth of your message, and the radiance of your light. Give me, POYEL Angel an absolute success, because I want all those who use me, find solace and moral support, but also equipment. Invigorate, POYEL Angel, my word, do it as I can open up broad prospects for myself, for my family, for everyone. Make that, through me, your gifts, your virtues, and your powers, expressed concretely. Make me, Lord, one of the builders of the New Jerusalem, the Eternal City that you have already built in Heaven.

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