IAH-HEL Angel (Venus)

Iah-hel Angel jan26,jan27,jan28,jan29,jan30

The Choir of Angels-Archangels
(Archangel Mikaël)

People born
between 26 and January 30

Iah-hel Angel attaches to both reason and feeling, because he regulates energy of Venus, in addition to those of MERCURY Choir which he belongs. He’s the Angel of sensation; he favors mostly fair interpretation of sensory data, realism and reason. He helps to plan an action so easily. His godson is full of common sense and feet on earth. He loves reflection and meditation to achieve success. Patient and quiet, he prefers to live withdrawn.


IAH-HEL Angel : Invigorate me, Lord. Grant that the course of your thinking flows through my brain and regenerates it. Let the throbbing of my heart, beat in unison with those of Your Heart. For my gesture is your gesture that my word is your word. Make me that the masculine and feminine occupy their respective places, and don’t let my imagination exalted me to strive other luxury than understand the wonderful World Machine, which the Lord has created. Find me, Angel IAH-HEL, a residence where to be able to exalt you, to celebrate you, and where it is possible for me to maintain with You a permanent connection, in order to have the gifts and capacities which you want to grant to me, who will make of me a filled being, with the spirit free and laid out to fly away towards the Heights of Spirituality.