LECABEL Angel (Mercury)

Lecabel Angel Aug23,Aug24,Aug25,Aug26,Aug27,Aug28


Persons born
between 23 and August 28

Lecabel Angel is an Angel of MERCURY serving HESEDIEL-JUPITERY-He’s the angel of talent. He promotes success, science and arts. Help to make a fortune and grow talent. His godson intuitively understands the divine laws. He’s a being gifted and talented, often a scientist. He also knows success in business and makes a fortune.


LECABEL: Inspire me, Lord, so my human job is useful to my spiritual work. Help me, LECABEL Angel , to discover in my interior spaces, spaces celestial sidereal so that my pace of life, either in unison cosmic rhythm. Grant that I am able to solve the problems of my relatives; assist them materially, with the wealth of talent from which you grant to me. In this last stage of my development, grant me the serenity needed to properly perform the assimilation of experiences accumulated in my previous lives (whose story has been forgotten). Make that passions do not disturb my life and that I am sensitive to any other beauty than that of your Divine Face.