REHAEL Angel (Mercury)

Rehael Angel Oct4,Oct5,Oct6,Oct7,Oct8

From Choir POWERS
(Archangel CAMAËL)

People born between
4 and October 8

REHAEL Angel (and his legions) are there to salvage what can be. He promotes healing of all diseases of body and soul. He eliminates everything that is defective. He transforms evil into well, restores the harmonious relations between parents and children. His godson is sweet and positive, loving his family and harmonious human relations.


REHAEL Angel: Lord, make that all, in the life is as it’s necessary. Help me so I did not others my problems, my beliefs, my anxieties. Give me the necessary strength so that I, myself, perform my duties, without feeling the desire to load on the shoulders of my friends, my family, and my own homework. Give me REHAEL Angel, lucidity required to take the necessary decisions to reach me routine habits, and so able to move forward, free of this weight, to new possibilities spiritual and material. I need you, REHAEL Angel, for passions to sacrifice my feelings, my reason to accept this transit, this passage, this elevation, to a new situation where the domestic Peace generate Peace around me; moreover, with your providential help, this new situation will be the bearer of blessings of a spiritual and also material order.