NITH-HAIAH Angel  (Uranus)

Nith-Haiah Angel Jul23,Jul24,Jul25,Jul26,Jul27

(Archangel HESEDIEL)

Persons born
between 23 and July 27

NITH-HAIAH Angel is the first guardian Angel serving HESEDIEL-JUPITER, he represents the face of the URANUS Archangel he governs the same energy that Lauviah-11, but in a sense reversed. Lauviah-11 placed URANUS love in a JUPITARY wealth to produce celebrity; NITH-HAIAH Angel, place the JUPITARY power in a URANUS love to produce magic (white), i.e. control, domination of spiritual forces. He puts at the service of that which calls upon his forces of love and peace. He promotes the control of any situation, finding housing. He establishes the calm and silence. His godson is peaceful and wise, he can learn to control magically the conditions of his life. He dominates situations.


NITH-HAIAH Angel: Lord, make me that, your Light, is solid as a rock; doing that my ambitions are large, not for impose me with my brothers, but to reflect, to them, your divine powers. Allow me to see what you hide with the profane glance (profaner). Help me, NITH-HAIAH Angel, control my temptations, to dominate my impulses. Grant that my efforts are pleasing to the Lord Master of the Worlds. Make that I use the gifts and powers that you grant to me, not to inflate my vanity, but to produce wealth and virtue for all and thus advancing the work of the Divine Creation, to his real objective : Felicity Universal: Happiness.