NANAEL Angel (Sun)

Nanael Angel Dec13,Dec14,Dec15,Dec16

(Archangel HANIËL)

People born between
13 and December 16

NANAEL Angel is the face Angel solar energy of Venus Choir of principalities. He’s the most resplendent Angel, the brighter (with VEHUËL). The Traditional Text said that NANAEL makes possible to see God and climb the 22 steps of Jacob’s ladder. He’s the angel of truth. He promotes clarity, accuracy of perception, discernment. His godson is loving justice. He may be a judge: his judgment is always humane.


NANAEL Angel: Teach me, Lord, thy divine; show me the gear that rotates your perfect Justice; showed me the specifics of your laws, your rules, so that I can, on this Earth, be the running of your Sublime Mandate, and up and down on the Large Scale of Angels. Help me, NANAEL Angel to find a home suitable for you and me, we can communicate, a place to meet the Lord, a place to build this Holy scale of 72 degrees. A housing in my inside, and externally, to generate the 12 Tribes symbolic establish, in the World, resplendent tone Kingdom, the golden age of time to come. NANAEL doesn’t allow that your Light dazzles to me, to make me be a vain and insolent, because I want to be the humble craftsman of your intention; that which implements the project of his Angel.