SEHALIAH Angel (Sun)

Sehaliah Angel Nov3,Nov4,Nov5,Nov6,Nov7

From Choir Solar VERTUS
(Archangel RAPHAEL)

People born between
3 and November 7

SEHALIAH Angel is the angel solar, the purification and enlightenment. He represents the sun’s heat and his benevolent action, without which no life could exist. He promotes healing, health, fertility of crops. He wakes up all torpors all stagnation. He warms up, cleans and dries. He improves social position. His godson is endowed with health and long life. If he begins in a modest situation, he will be able to rise. He acts in society like an eveillor, effectively boosting his entourage, leading to action.


SEHALIAH Angel: Lord, I feel mature, like a sun that needs to spread its seeds, germ, in the World, and you must help me to get me, my Virtue (those that you grant to me) with discernment. What kind of me, only what is useful to others, and development of the Divine work. Make, SEHALIAH Angel, but by me, can find their fullness, those who are driven by a burning desire to serve, to make themselves useful. Preserve me, however, any excess. What my summers aren’t too hot or my winters too cold. Allow me always to act in unison with you, with the beat of the Heart of the World, so that the success that you will grant to me, that is to say your own success, and that of the Master of the World.