Male Angels

Male Guardian Angel


The guardian angels which bear the name of god in his male bearing (name ending in EL), are angels with male cosmic characteristics.

Table powers attributed to male angels.
ANIELCharacter Vertu Will Future Money Wealth
CAHETELFertilities Home Navigation
CALIELAuthenticity Evidence Evidences
DANIELLitigation Trial
EYAELAstrology Gaiety Insouciance
HAHAHELHealing Introversion
HAIAIELDiscernment Oppression Servitude
HARAELEdition Media Movies Printing Radio TV
HARIELResearcher Science Thinker Writer
HAZIELFriendship Harmony Love
IAH-HELMeditation Realism Reflection Sensation
IEIAZELDependence Release Tyranny
IEZALELApproximation Passion Unit
JELIELDiplomacy Ground Hotel Pierre Real Estate
LECABELArts Fortune Talent
LELAHELInnovative Magnetism Ornament
MANAKELDiscretion Serious Stability
MEBAHELExuberant Freedom Sensual
MEHIELLogic Prolific Reason
MELAHELMaitrise Psychology Understanding
MENADELCohesion Prisoners
MIHAELCouple Marriage Pleasure Trip
MIKAELAbuse Docile Laws
MITZRAELCorrection Cultural Renew Renewing
NANAELLucidity Perception Truth
NELCHAELConscience Désenvoutement Slander
NITHAELLong Life Seduction
OMAËLObstetrician Plants Women
POYELBeauty Benefits Prosperity
REHAELHealing Body Healing Soul Positive Softness
REIYELIntuition Religion Spiritism
ROCHELBalance Lawyer Notary
SITAELExpansion Fruiting Progress Reality
UMABELIntrospection Mathematical Sensitivity
VEHUELExaltation Generosity Gorgeous Happiness
YEIALELClarity Discovery Reasoning Record
YEIAYELGoodness Humanism
YERATELChance Optimism Organization Resolution